Product Photography Ideas To Increase eCommerce Sales.

Capturing product photos requires certain do’s and don’ts, especially when captured for commercial purposes. If these things are not thought out, they will create problems for the photographers later on that may come in legal contracts or in ceasing or desisting letters. The photographers need to follow the commercial rules for making their captured pictures accepted by the public. Certain things like location, place, and people that the photographer wants to include in the frame acquire pre-permission for shooting them. If you avoid these, the problematic situation tends to occur for you. The article refers to the avoidable things that will save you from all the dilemmas and will also cut your time in post-processing. Please focus on the below-given points to have a grip on them for successful marketing product photography ideas.

Avoid people

Taking pictures in public places entices lots of contracts and agreements because of the involvement of people in the frame. To avoid those legal contracts, a planned way is not to capture the shots of the passerby. That will benefit you by not revealing the identity of the people, thus saving you from all the legal issues, or else you have to spend time in post-processing for removing the people from the frame. But when you do not capture the shots of the passerby, you will not have to go through legal restrictions.

Tags of any kind

Avoid using price tags in the images to prevent unappealing and distracting looks of the images. You can do that by cutting that from the shot without affecting the quality. If you cannot do it, then rely on Photoshop to fix that with certain retouching techniques.

Children; don’t click their pictures.

Like adults, adding children also persuades many legal issues from the parents demanding a signed release for getting the image published. That will again be a time consuming and difficult task for you and may also pose a problem for you in meeting the deadlines. So what you can do is avoid the faces of the children in the captured shots. If you do not want to get involved in the signed releases yet, there is no need to discuss if you have the necessary consent.

Cluttered backgrounds

You have to avoid those quite busy and distracting backgrounds to make your images stand out commercially. The biggest loss of adding the engaged background is the distraction of the customer’s attention on the product, which you cannot afford. Simply shoot the product with a white background or else in the location that relates to the category of the product.

Brands and their logos

Another problem to be aware of is the brand names and logos, which will create a problematic situation for you. Remember, you don’t have to include the brand names and the logos if your image’s motive is not to promote and endorse the brand. And on the other side, if you use the undesired brands and logos with which your photos are not concerned, it will also make the image distracting for the viewers, and the user will not be able to use them. You can do this effectively by using Photoshop to remove the brand or by properly positioning the product photography ideas onwards to the brand and logo name.

Monuments and public places

Skip the use of public buildings like monuments, sacred places or famous buildings that possess some intellectual rights. You also do not have the authority to use the privately owned shopping malls in your images. So better to avoid using them as a background for your images. You have to check the rights of using the particular buildings in the images before using them.

A product’s Characteristics

Some distinct characteristics of the products give viewers the brand identity without seeing any logo or brand name, so removing that with your expertise and skills is mandatory to present the images commercially. The distinct characteristics that you need to ponder maybe the highlighting features of any product photography ideas that you can determine by first questioning yourself about the identity of the product without having a watch on the brand name and logo, and after that, your job is to clear away all to end up all the formalities afterwards.

Plates on cars; don’t click them.

You need to acknowledge this point when you are shooting with any vehicle. You have to avoid the inclusion of the license plates attached to vehicles in your images because that will give information about the owner of the vehicle, so make sure that either you blur the license plate or cut the view of the plates from the frame of the photos that you are going to use in the market. But if you have already captured the photo with the license plate, then edit it by including the fake plate in the place.

Shadows; which are unintentional

To make your pictures more appealing, you have to avoid all the unintentional shadows that are certainly not a great addition to the photos and are not natural in looks. You must know the hard and soft shadows that you need to avoid. It is advisable to use natural light in case you are shooting indoors.

Product packaging

Product packaging often does not create problems unless they are not packed in the reflective or cellophane material. If it is, however, you generally have to avoid the photographs of the packaged products. The best idea is to use the packaging at the back in the shot as done by various cosmetic companies.


Following these steps will enable you to click pictures without worrying about legal or technical issues safely.

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