Optimize Ecommerce Product Images: The Ultimate Guide

A few specifications need to be considered for the photos that are to be published online. The publisher of the eCommerce product images must acknowledge these requirements. Online selling is the going trend of today’s market, and to go a long way, fulfillment of these specifications is mandatory. Online portals where the images are uploaded do not accept the images. If they are not according to their prescribed specifications.


Keep this in mind that you never can overlook them. Your efforts will bring positive results for you, giving good rank on Google and the other search engines. But what you need is the right knowledge of the mandatory requirements to accomplish them easily. That is the article concerning some of the important and most obligatory requirements of these search engines that will help you give optimized images suitable for the various online portals. Read them below and have complete insight about them.

Images that look right


The right images are an urgent need of all the online portals to have a viewer’s attention. And if you meet this requirement, you will surely win the online market. Right images mean perfect images from all respects, whether from resolution, quality, dimensions, or, most importantly, from the perspective of all the Google specifications. To meet these specifications, you need to have insight into all the dos and don’ts. Above all the requirements, making the images look perfect to the viewers when they see them is also necessary.


These must so adept the best way to attract the viewers’ attention towards the product images displayed on the screen. The search engines never accept images that lack clarity and are ambiguous or blurred and generally get a big no from everybody, whether it be the customers or the search engines. Be careful about the looks of the images because you may find them very interesting and dazzling in view, but if they are presented in the thumbnail view by Google, they might look bad. For better results, always display your images with a plain white background to have more likes and viewers.

How cropping works


Every image needs to be cropped to be displayed online, and the editor must understand the cropping requirements of the images. But before that, the photographer, while capturing the images, must leave space for meeting the cropping needs. The images must be cropped appropriately so that the viewer can achieve a significant view of the images in the right manner. Just understanding this, it is essential to crop the images to give an excellent picture to the viewer. You can consider unwanted backgrounds or insufficient space in the frame of the images and crop that to give our images flawless looks, which the viewers do not most welcome. Proper cropping of images will make your images look better, ultimately leading to more sales for the website and an increased chance to become the number one website over others.

Creativity in Essence

The top concern is the creativeness you need to make your website successful in the long run. You aim to build your creativeness and put it into the website to make the customers view something unique. For this, you can create eCommerce product images in some unique way and in a more engaging manner than others that can lead you in the market and with which you can enjoy huge traffic to your website.


Remember, you have to be a trendsetter and not a follower; set the benchmark that nobody can achieve by either making the images exclusive or rare. You can do this by adding some notable effects to these images. There are numberless effects, filters and designs available for making the images rocking in the editing software so use that in the post-production phase of the images. Memorize the thought that you have to be the best and for that, doing what Google wants is the essential requirement with innovative and creative images.

Optimize your images

Image optimization is the indispensable prerequisite to making the images stand out in the real sense. Because the primary goal of image optimization is to filter the audience. Optimization helps you focus on the main part of the images to attract the viewer’s concentration. That allows the viewers to look at the important part of the images and present the products to the viewers in an optimized way.

Consistency; how it helps

Google has listed the high need to maintain consistency in the website. According to Google specifications, the consistency in the image quality and looks. It can make the highest selling products in the e-commerce portals. The customer demands uniformity in the quality and the images. That is the crucial rule for making the website successful. If you maintain consistency in the product range following the same backgrounds, same props, lighting, and set-up. It will surely impress the customers and make them your regular customers. Regularity and consistency in eCommerce product images are the key decisions to be taken by the seller. Because selling their products online to be at the top ranking of Google.


Following these rules will not only bring you out on top. But will leave the customers building trust in your company.

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