Capture High Quality Product Images with Smartphone

You might have seen that various smartphones are equipped with many smart features which are extreme enough to capture the smart images needed for e-commerce websites. It might be astonishing to you, but this is possible with the help of technologized smartphones capable of producing high quality product images.


Now save the cost of extremely expensive DSLRs and lenses for taking product photos anytime and anywhere with a smartphone equipped with a camera in your pocket. That will be in your budget and save you a lot of time setting this up.


All you need is a tripod to keep the smartphone stable, and that’s it. You are ready to shoot. On top of that, make yourself aware of some smart steps to capture truly high quality product images. So let’s start with the tutorial.


Get started……..

## Use the phone as a camera


To make your smartphone a perfect alternative to your camera, purchase the one equipped with the features of good quality DSLR, which you can use to capture images very easily. The suggested options are the Apple I-phone 5s and Samsung galaxy s5.


  • Accessories


To capture the images, you need the required accessories and gadgets to use with the smartphone. Although the actual requirements for a great photo are hard to guess, we suggest you preferably use a table, lighting set-up, a tripod and a backdrop.


  • Selection of the right apps


Uncountable apps are available in the market, making a choice very difficult for you. You can read the reviews of different apps to choose the perfect one for your work. You can use a different app according to your work. It is explained below for your help:


  • For shooting


The first for which you have to find the app is shooting. For that, it is advised to use the default camera app that comes already installed on your phone and if you do not get satisfied with that installed app, then use the options like android camera zoom fX, $2 iPhone camera+ etc.


  • For editing


The next task you will move on after shooting the images is editing. The apps you need for editing must be able to streamline your workflow. The suggested apps for performing editing tasks are Adobe Photoshop Express and the second is Photoshop touch. These are good-quality apps that will make your editing task quick and easy.


  • For sharing


Sharing is the step for which you prepare your entire inventory of images, and this is quite the best way to promote the products on social media sites. Many apps provide you with the platform to share images with people. The most used apps are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Get the benefit of these apps by making the images popular among millions of users.


## Preparing smartphone for shooting


After gathering all the accessories and equipment, the preparation comes as the next step. You have your smartphone for capturing the  product images, and now you will have to make yourself and your studio ready to get awesome shots. Summarize the below points to make your preparation the best.


  • Make your lighting perfect.


You have first to consider that your lighting must be perfect in your studio or if you don’t have natural light, then prefer to use artificial equipment to get enough light in your studio.


  • The setting of the table and background


You need to arrange the table for placing the tripod and smartphone. You can easily place your tripod on the table, and with that, you also need to prepare the background for shooting the products. Always prefer white color for your background.


  • Positioning the smartphone


Now position the smartphone carefully, focusing on the type and size of the product you are shooting. Please consider the smartphone placed at the center of the product to have the product image in the center of the frame.


## Capturing


Adjust your camera settings to capture the product to receive the best results. The main settings of the camera that you need to keep on are zoom, grid, auto-save and live exposure.


  • Capture the image


Now when you are readily perfecting all the settings like exposure, composition, and other camera elements, capture the images by pressing the big round button of your camera. Those who like to get closer shots can prefer either the macro lens or use a telephoto to zoom the product from a distance.


Now we have captured the images of the product. Now we are ready to save the image into the lightbox in camera+ to move these images to the phone’s camera roll and edit them simultaneously using photoshop express. You can save the images by touching the filmstrip, which will give you the option of saving or removing and save or keep and save without edits or keep. You can choose as per your convenience.


The filmstrip will be placed at the bottom of the app.

## Editing with smartphone


Now the last step calls for editing the images saved in the camera roll. You will open these images in Photoshop express to perform editing on them. The images will be open in the software. Now locate the images you want to edit to prepare them for the web. Keep in mind that all the images need a little bit of tweaking to make them shine on the webpage. The recommended edits are sharpened, contrasts, crop and straighten, shadows and vibrant. Edit all the images so that they can become extraordinary and perfect for dealing with customers


## Outsourcing


Outsourcing is an interesting option for those who want to edit a picture but do not want to spend any time on it. The outsourcing company will help you give stunning and high quality product images for the web as per the user requirements.


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