Best Tools For Image Optimization

E-commerce websites are fighting every day to increase the number of visitors to their websites. They use different ways and techniques to display products to attract customers. The sole purpose is to attract customers to their product by showing the best at the top of the list. They even use different props to enhance the look of the product. That is the fact that the more your product looks attractive, the more it attracts the customer’s attention. You often realize that we always go to showrooms that showcase their products in an interesting way, not products that are not to our liking or not. We usually pass those stores. That shows the relevance of neat and appealing looks. Therefore, image optimization is important, which allows installing the best and various sized images and enhances the website’s speed. You have to make sure that your website responds quickly as no one has enough time to wait to get their work done.

Top image optimization tools

You must understand the urgency of image optimization; otherwise, you have to suffer losses. Image optimization is in demand because it helps to place your website at a high position in Google rankings. It also improves your website performance and makes it more attractive to the customers. Below are some of the tools available online for optimizing product images. They will produce excellent results and offers you easy work. These are:


1. Puny PNG:


The first tool used for image optimization is puny PNG. It is considered a lucent software option for editing images online. This software helps you compress 20 files in one go, 500 kb per file. That is the best software offering you the best features and high compression. This software allows you to edit 5000 images in total, which can be a size of 1 MB each month. You can, without any worry, compress your images with this software. Various formats supported by this folder are JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. You also can avail of its pro plan, which only costs you $ 3 per month.



This software comes with many outstanding features that are very helpful in image optimization. You can take the help of various methods available in the software used for cropping and resizing images. WP plugin for the tool is also available, and it also offers you the loosy option to produce lossless images. If you want to go for advanced features, you can purchase them. Otherwise, it is free of cost.


3. Riot: 


A window-based program available free of cost to help its customers in image optimization. It will produce a high-quality image which is its noticeable feature. It also has batch support for different kinds of files like color reduction, image adjustments, and other same facets.




Another tool which we are going to read is TRIMAGE. It is a perfect image optimizer tool that offers you various platforms for various kinds of images. Depending on what type of file you want, you can use ADVANCECOMP, PNGRUSH, and optipng. That is a free tool that also works with LINUX and UNIX systems. That will give you high quality images with harmless dimensions. This tool is considered a high-rated cross-platform tool that offers many advanced features.




Another amazing software that is completely designed for the ones who are windows interface users. It helps you easily convert and compress various images from GIF, TIFF, BMP to PNG, and others of the same kind. That is the smart software that makes your optimizing task smooth with the help of its technical and proprietary algorithms, which are effectively used for compressing images. Another powerful feature of this software is that it can compress more than one file at a time. If you like this tool and want to buy it, you have to spend $14.95 for personal use but for corporate use, spend 29.95 dollars.


6. has also made its name popular in the list of software by offering superb features to its customers. It optimizes and compresses the images without compromising the real quality images. It helps you reduce the size of the image without affecting its quality. You cannot observe even the minute difference in the images before and after compression. The downside of this software is that it only allows you to compress only one image at a time. You cannot go for more than one image at the same time. Other than that, it is good software.




This is the high-class software that offers MAC users its services. It is related to various platforms like png crush, Gifisicle, PNGOUT etc. It also helps remove unwanted image color profiles and comments by using top-quality compression parameters. You can upgrade this software to its pro version, and most importantly, it is available completely free of cost. That is the best software offering the best image optimization. Must consider this option also.


8. Smush.It:


The next and the last software we will discuss is smush. This software is very simple to use and a yahoo product. That is the best online software because it also optimizes your images without hampering their quality. The most admirable feature of this software is that it can compress multiple images simultaneously. It also processes various image platforms like GIF, PNG, and JPG, making it more wonderful and pleasing for its customers. Up to 1 megabyte in size can easily be optimizable with this software.




 By reading this article, you find image optimization a better and required option for your web images. If you think that goes for the various software mentioned above as per your needs and requirements.

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