Amazon product image requirements: Essential Tips to Optimizing

Amazon is the undisputed biggest fish in the vast sea of ​​e-commerce. There is no country today that is not aware of Amazon. Hundreds of millions of products are sold here. But the biggest part is that all these products follow amazon product image requirements. Although various brands have tried to associate with Amazon, there has been little improvement. The plan is straightforward; It comes down to all product images. Amazon will only lend you space if you follow its valuable image editing guidelines. That is why it is vital to adhere to the design requirements of this brand of product.

We will be sharing some tips with you guys that will tell you how to boost your sales at the Amazon store with the help of the best images. We will discuss how to optimize images displayed on various product pages on the website. That helps the customers make correct decisions about the product and increases your website’s credibility.

Assigning Image Priority


Amazon allows the sellers to feature 7-10 product images on the product page. It is a great feature, and we encourage all the sellers to use as many images as possible. This way, you will be able to show all the details about the product and also feature it from different angles. When customers can see all the details of the product, it helps them make better decisions about them, and it will straightforwardly encourage sales.

First, you need to prepare the highest quality product images. Once you have filtered the images, you can now prioritize and assign the pattern of images and how they will appear on the screen.

The parent SKU main image is the one that will appear when the product is searched on the website. It must be damped with quality and fulfill all the guidelines given by Amazon.

Then there is the child SKU main image in which you have to upload all the color variants of the product. Surely, if you are offering products in different colors, customers will want to see the colors on the product. These are the sideline images that appear along with the main image. As we said, Amazon allows you to share various product images; you can use this feature to showcase all the different colors.

There can be additional images showing the product from different angles and sides. It is best to upload images that display the product’s fabric, finest details, cut, etc. Can upload all the images with the product to satisfy the viewers and win their trust. You can also upload images with the product to give them a live view of it.

Technical Guideline Follow Up

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon shares various technical details to keep the uniformity of all the images constant. While you prepare the new products or redo the existing listings, it is imperative to follow the below-given guidelines.

Images in different formats are accepted by Amazon, including TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

The color format that can use is RGB and CMYK.

  • The width or height of an image can be up to 1000 pixels large. The suggested size is 2560 pixels in width, and for the apparel, it must be a minimum of 1001 pixels.
  • It would be best if you used product identifiers in the file names. Various product identifiers can be ASIN, Amazon, EAN, UPC, JAN, or 13 digits ISBN. Also, it must be followed by proper file extension. Please note that any usage of spaces, dashes, or special characters in the file name will be unaccepted.
  • No use of borders, watermarks, logos, text, or mannequins is permitted in the product images.
  • The product must cover 85% of the frame in an image. Also, the background must only be white.
  • The images used must be of the highest quality and resolution to appear sharper to the customers. For this, you can also hire clipping path companies that will help you prepare the images for your Amazon page.

High-Quality Images


The standard of Amazon products is high because the website doesn’t leave room for the sellers to mess with its image credibility. Whether it is the child SKU image or the SKU Main image, each has to be treated carefully. Here are the criteria-

  • Each seller needs to upload only photographed images. No illustrated or drawings are allowed to be uploaded.
  • There must not be any distracting object present in the image. Must remove any unwanted object.
  • Make sure all the images are sharp and of high resolution. Must perfectly correct the colors.
  • Products such as books, DVDs, and music CDs, must fill 100% of the frame. No promotional stickers are permitted to be included in the images.
  • Background of each image must only be white- RGB 255,255,255.
  • No graphics, watermark, or text should be there on the image.
  • Any image that contains an offensive message or pornography must not be uploaded on the website.
  • These are some of the most stringent rules of Amazon. However, similar rules are followed by various other online marketplaces as well. But there could be some difference.


In the case of selling refurbished or used products, the picture clarity must be kept in check. You are allowed to give a live view of it, but the quality of the image should be higher. Also, it should not be just one product with a live view, but you also have to upload various images displaying the product from various angles. All these tips and guidelines will surely help you establish a vivid and gratifying presence on the website. As said earlier, you will find the rules of Amazon quite similar to other web portals as well. So, whenever you wish to take your business online to Amazon, respect its guidelines. Hopefully, this article helped you clarify what Amazon product image requirements are.


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