Alternatives To White Backgrounds

A white background is always the most recommended option for photographers to capture pictures for online websites. Excelling the product pictures requires the perfect background but is it necessary always to use the white background. The answer is no, it is not essential to use the white background to give that perfect. And classical look to the product images, but you can go for the various back-ups of the white background. To make your product outshining for the customers. The discussion of the right and perfect background is also mandatory. Because it inspires the brand identity leading to more quick sales and brand recognition by the customers. Therefore, a consistent and splendid background is considered a relevant topic and a big role player in online product selling. For having the perfect shots with the perfect background, read the best alternatives to the white backgrounds given below.


Black Backgrounds


The background was made for capturing luxurious items like jewelry, cosmetics, and most importantly, the creator required a sophisticated look of the product images. It gives both a natural and dramatic look with shadows and reflections. Big brands often use this background to create that royal look for their products which can add luxury and texture to their product looks.


Patterns Background


The other useful option that can use as the black background backup is patterns that are also in trend. That is the simple and most productive method to add elegance to the product images. All you need is care while implementing the patterns in the product images, as they can divert the viewer’s attention from the main product. Using some regularity in the product pictures’ patterns, you can easily strengthen your brand and make it noticeable to people.


Tiles Background


The added alternatives for the white backgrounds is the tile background, which the sellers can use effectively to present the number of effects through it. The experimenting path is very wide with the tiles as it is available in more shades, colors, sizes, and textures. You can choose the shade as per your preference and make the usage as per the product image for light and bright images. You can opt for a white background, and a black one is used for elegant and sophisticated products in nature. Many brands use tiles to present their images and achieve a natural and earthy look. Create unique effects and makes your products presentable.


Textures Background


This broad category is considered one of the substitutes for the white background and is often used by many popular brands according to their target customers. One having the females as their customer group can use glitter, mesh and purple as their unique background. It does not restrict the presenter to using the inside background but also allows for some inspirational outside backgrounds like sand, grass, moss, etc., as product background.


Contextual Backgrounds


Contextual backgrounds are ideal for entering the customers’ world through online products. It stresses that background helps the customers visualize the product as it will be in their hands. It means showing the products in a context that makes the consumers imagine the real situation with the product. So you can also go for this type of background for displaying your product pictures to online customers.


Bokeh backgrounds


That is the effect given by the photographers in the product images by making the specific part of the image out of focus or by featuring some areas. It is thus said as a wonderful technique to present the images with a unique background and achieve a distinct look from the others in the market. It is the effect mostly in trend for the products like jewelry, or other products like perfumes. Try this effect once and observe the results.


Wood Backgrounds


The wood background has always been an appealing option for many products and is also easily available on any table, planks, tree stump, and bench and is taken as great for the rustic effect. You can use this background on your products to give them an aesthetic look. The best background in itself is that it allows the usage of various approaches and experiments to make the images admirable to a nice extent. You can apply various types of wood to do the best work for you. Play around with the textures and hues of the wood to find out the most suitable option for you. Give a nice try to each effect and justify accordingly the best one.


Solid Colors background


That is one of the simplest and the most effective backgrounds for many products. It is an attractive alternative to the white background and can also be applied through just background removal from the images. The viewers always welcome colors, and when solid colors are used behind the background of the product, it will attract the viewer’s attention and make the looks of the product super fantastic. More important is with the colored background achieving different and peculiar looks is easy for the editor. You can choose the hue according to your product’s requirements and the need of the website. They can add life to your products and highlight their features to the customers.




Different alternatives to the white backgrounds are detailed above, which you can use by considering the most important things like your brand, your audience, and the most relevant product. So consider these things before you make any choice about your background. Then only your background will complement your product image. It will also be a nice idea to use the two or more of the alternatives in combination with each other resulting in the most splendid images of your products.

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