Top 10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop in 2022

Adobe Photoshop is a great photo editing software used worldwide by editors, photographers, and people of different occupations. While easy to access once bought, it is particularly hard to get used to as the features are very complex and need a lot of time to master. That is an awarding software for professional users but for ordinary ones that need a regular touch-up of the images, this is not the best option. Therefore, this creates a need to discuss the various alternatives to photoshop brilliant software that are explained below:


The best alternative to be considered is, which provides basic features required for image editing. You can easily choose this as your choice as it is the alternative that has all the basic features of image editing and is very simple to use. If you know Windows Paint, you’ll find this to be quite familiar. It also allows users to install various plug-ins to enhance its features in terms of editing actively. The tool is less dominant than the next one we have on the list.



Gimp is a great alternatives to Photoshop, available free of cost. It offers editing with an added professional touch. The excellent features provided by that include color correction, retouching, selection editing, sharpening, plug-in support, and many more.



Another alternatives to Photoshop is Seashore, an open-source image editing software. It is not as powerful as GIMP and Photoshop but offers a wide range of services for editing to the user. The powerful features include gradients, multiple layers, brush strokes and many other related features. This software provides easy access to editing and offers an easy interface which is admirable.

Some other alternatives that are available on web pages include:



That is a graphic design platform for compressing file size that permits resizing and cropping on the site. It also provides additional editing tools for adjusting color’s, adding filters, and flipping and rotating.

Tiny PNG/ Tiny JPG


It’s a good site for reducing the file size. It only helps the user reduce the file size without giving any access to any editing features. It gives the user compressed images but without making any compromise with the image quality. They are available free of cost.



Go to this site if you want to resize the image and edit it. That provides you with various editing tools with many fonts and graphics for your use.

Bulk Web Resize


As the name suggests, this is the site the users consider when they want to reduce the file size of many images. Can you compress a batch of images with the help of this tool? If you want to preserve the original quality and get the sharpened images, you must take the image quality to 100.



That is a good site that you can use if you want to shrink files. This tool will help you get rid of the EXIF metadata, but you can keep the data unchanged, which will be required later on for photo optimization by SEO.



I can use this site for reducing the file size of the png images and can be used to convert through this tool. It will be the best way to preserve the transparency of the images. One of the most effective tools is that makes the images compatible enough to be uploaded to all web browsers and operating systems.



That is the tool that comes with the power to handle bulk image optimization and has the best web applications and the developed API that makes it unique. The beneficial side of this tool is that its simple web interface can operate free of cost and permits dragging and dropping of the images by merely entering the URL. Its price will depend upon the total GB of the images that you need to resize with the help of the tool.


Hopefully, this guide helps you choose what you need to edit your images for free!

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