5 Alternatives to Instagram for Marketers

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become giant monsters in terms of users worldwide. Businesses on the sites have risen to a level thought impossible. If you plan to be a new player in this realm of challenging quests to beat, try to market your business on the site alternatives to Instagram.

First, let’s talk a little more about Instagram. Instagram is an app designed to promote online marketers. The app provides them with the required user interface to sell the product online. The app allows you to deal with the customers directly by showcasing your products to them. The account holder’s responsibility increases when they have to promote the online business. They must have breathtaking creativity to present the product images to fascinate the customers with their products.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Alternatives to Instagram.

1. Early Recognition.

People who tend to start at the early stages of a social media platform are the ones who tend to benefit immensely from the possibility. They gain enormous visibility and get the added benefit of being with the site, as they offer additional services to businesses that are there from the very beginning.

2. Privacy Concerns.

Facebook owns Instagram, and therefore due to the recent Facebook privacy scandal, you might want to stir away from the marketplace there.

3. Small communities; stronger bonds.

One of the benefits of being an early member of a successful social media platform is smaller communities. That is truer for venues that have not been explored yet. Smaller communities have less nuisance for you to cut through, allowing you to build stronger relationships. It is especially beneficial for service-based businesses.

4. Less reliance on huge platforms.

A rather unlikely situation, but due to the recent scandals faced by Instagram and Facebook. If they ever go down, it will take the livelihood of your business along with every single company it. Therefore it is not a bad idea to reach out to other platforms on the internet and promote your business.

What to Take Note of When Looking for Alternatives

1. A context of the demographics.

The most important thing to consider is your social media audience. Type of content they create and use, what platforms they are using, what Instagram alternatives best support this type of content. It’s often difficult to find the demographics for these smaller platforms, but it can do it with an educated guess.

2. Communication.

Instagram alternatives will need to focus on sharing images, but are they interacting with the posts? Are there positive comments? Groups you can use to build a stronger bond with your followers?

3. Set your goals.

Plan out how these platforms fit your social media plans depending on your goals.

With that out of the way, let us look at the five alternatives to Instagram in 2021.

1. VSCO.


VSCO offers features similar to Instagram. From taking photos to editing them, with the ability to add a variety of filters. Yet some differences make VSCO a complementary alternative to Instagram:

  • Easily reshare images.
  • Hidden follower numbers.

VSCO also offers a premium membership plan which provides access to a greater variety of editing tools and several collections of presets. More than one million people have subscribed to this subscription. Allows VSCO to focus on great content and photography without relying on advertisers.

The target audience in VSCO.

VSCO’s primary user base consists of Generation Z, the generation after Millennials (so, people under 23 at writing this). It makes it an excellent choice for businesses whose primary audience is this age range.

2. Steller


Steller is an app that focuses on storytelling. Rather than focusing purely on visual aesthetics, Steller encourages users to use a combination of video, images, text, and built-in layouts to tell complex stories.

This focus on multimedia allows users to explore different topics in-depth, as their “featured” page gets a quick look: the unique layout of this platform makes it a viable Instagram alternative. While the other platforms on this list are pure image-sharing platforms like Instagram, Steller offers something else.

The target audience is Steller.

Steller is an excellent platform for story-focused brands that want to produce high-quality content in various mediums.

3. EyeEm.


EyeEm functions as both a social media platform and an image marketplace. With over 22 million users, it is doubly appealing to artists and photographers.

A unique feature of EyeEm is the “missions” they set for users, challenging them to test their artistic skills by creating images based on briefs provided by brands partnered with EyeEm. They are then rewarded with different awards based on their merits of performance.

Target Audience in EyeEm.

If your business focuses too much on art, photography, or related software or tools, your EyeEm should be considered a marketing channel.

4. DayFlash.


DayFlash is more of an online gallery than a true social; images are automatically displayed in the full-screen form, providing an immersive visual experience. They make DayFlash an appealing option for photographers and artists who work with large-scale paintings and are tired of cropping them down to Instagram-friendly sizes.

DayFlash is best used alongside Instagram rather than as an Instagram alternative.

There is, however, one major drawback of DayFlash at this time: they only have an iOS app. It excludes Android’s large customer base from the app by default.

Target Audience in DayFlash?

DayFlash is mostly useful to artists, photographers, and other heavily creative brands, with many images suited to the full-screen format.

5. 500px.


500px is a social media network dedicated to things’ “social” side. They have more than 15 million active users. Like EyeEm, they draw high-quality photographers by allowing users to sell their photo licenses directly on the platform. 

500px offers different levels of subscription with multiple paid plans. We are offering a more professional feel to the website. 500px has a fully functional web browser version. It makes it easier to upload images directly from your computer. They focus on Android and iOS mobile users.

Target Audience in 500px?

500px has long been focused on semi-pro and pro photography communities. 500px makes it primarily useful as a marketing tool for professional photographers and photography studios or businesses that sell photography equipment.

There you have it. 5 Great Alternatives to Instagram that can help promote your business in 2022!

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